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re: CVS commit: src

   Modified Files:
        src/share/mk: bsd.README
   Log Message:
   Add a MKARZERO flag, which invokes ar(1) with the new D flag when it
   is set to "yes" -- defaults to "no" except for builds. This
   results in a deterministic .a file rather than one that reflects
   timestamps and permissions on the source files.
   Also, clean up the ar flags we're using, and remove a redundant use of
   ranlib that on a modern POSIX ar can be done with the "s" flag.
   Discussed on tech-toolchain

the discussion, between yourself, christos and myself involved
christos and i asking you NOT to add a special MKFOO for ar, but
to just use MKDETERMINISTIC (or something everything uses.)

please do that instead.


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