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Re: drop xen4.8 ?

    Date:        Wed, 29 Jan 2020 14:01:35 -0800
    From:        "Greg A. Woods" <woods%planix.ca@localhost>
    Message-ID:  <m1iwvOx-0036tPC@more.local>

  | For my story about it see my message <m1ei59B-0036t1C@more.local>,

Thanks, found that message in my as-yet unread NetBSD list folder.

Mid Feb 2018 must have been one of my "cherry pick to read" periods,
as there are lots of other messages from the same day (and nearby)
that I never would have retained had I ever looked at them...

I'm not sure my issue (which is rare, or fairly so) and only occurs
after a DomU has been shut down, and tries to restart (perhaps with
different filesystems attached) is exactly the same as yours (but then
again, this DomU does not auto-start, only when I tell it to), but
upgrading the Dom0 kernel to 8 can't hurt to try I guess ... I am a
little leery, as I put a radeon graphics card in that system based
on comments on one of these lists - someone said (long ago) words to
the effect (directed to a 3rd party) "if you get a 4000 series card
you'll get hardware accelleration, but we don't support that for
5000 series cards, with those you just get a dumb framebuffer" - so I
went and bought a 5000 series card!   I'm a little concerned that the
X drivers have "improved" since, and that I'll have to deal with all
that additional complexity if the kernel updates.   What I have now
(in that area anyway) is perfect for my needs.


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