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Re: Utility of PV on non-obsolete hardware

At Tue, 09 Apr 2019 10:06:09 +0200, tg%gmplib.org@localhost (Torbjörn Granlund) wrote:
Subject: Re: Utility of PV on non-obsolete hardware
> NetBSD 8.0 under PV is slightly prone to freezing/crashing.  No CD
> involved.  I've seen it in my test setup for a wide range of Intel and
> AMD x86-64 CPUs.
> Of perhaps 50 builds on NetBSD PV systems each night, around 1 failed on
> average as the system became unresponsive.  Whenever a job failed,
> subsequent jobs for the same system failed too, but they would be run in
> a quick succession (possibly hitting the same *temporary* freeze).

Interesting, I've never seen such freezes on any of my systems, though I
can't say I've hammered them too hard with concurrent jobs (other than
with "make -j 8" or similar, that is).  For example I have a mildly busy
mail and SSH server in a domU (with one VCPU) that's has an uptime of
393 days now.  Its dom0 has the same uptime too.

I do find temporary "glitches" on older NetBSD releases in domUs, though
they are not unlike the similar glitches I've encountered with those
same releases running on bare hardware (notably older Dell servers).

Whenever I hear of a system going unresponsive these days I think of
paging problems, and perhaps lack of swap space, but if your same
workloads continue fine in HVM guests, well that's probably less likely.

> I've never seen these types of issues with any past NetBSD release (but
> NetBSD Dom0 has caused me endless grief when I tried for several years
> to use it in production...)

I've only used NetBSD dom0.  :-)  [except when I did some testing years
ago with XenClient which has a Linux dom0]

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