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Re: Utility of PV on non-obsolete hardware

"Mathew, Cherry G." <cherry%zyx.in@localhost> writes:

  I have come across this too but haven't been able to debug it. I'm
  guessing you didn't see this on HVM installs and later on PV run time

NetBSD 8.0 under PV is slightly prone to freezing/crashing.  No CD
involved.  I've seen it in my test setup for a wide range of Intel and
AMD x86-64 CPUs.

Of perhaps 50 builds on NetBSD PV systems each night, around 1 failed on
average as the system became unresponsive.  Whenever a job failed,
subsequent jobs for the same system failed too, but they would be run in
a quick succession (possibly hitting the same *temporary* freeze).

I ended up using a 8.0-STABLE a few weeks ago, but unfortunately before
I had evaluated if it was stable, I moved 14 of 17 test system types to
HVM (for performance reasons).  I've not seen any freezes yet there.
They are new install of plain 8.0.

I've never seen these types of issues with any past NetBSD release (but
NetBSD Dom0 has caused me endless grief when I tried for several years
to use it in production...)

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