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Re: Utility of PV on non-obsolete hardware

Brian Buhrow <buhrow%nfbcal.org@localhost> writes:

  NetBSD as a dom0?  We've been running NetBSD-5.2 as a dom0 for quite some
  time and it's been very very stable!  I've been thinking of upgrading, so
  I'm curious to know what pitfalls you discovered.

I believe that might be slightly off topic (or at least a different
thread).  I reply, but please let's either off-line if further
discussion is needed!

My main colo system (an E5-1650 v2) crashed frequently, sometimes a
dozen times per day.  I really tried hard to stabilise it with many
different NetBSD versions (compiled from source) and several Xen
versions (compiled from pkgsrc), but I never got the system tolerably

I cannot recall which versions of NetBSD it ran, but as I purchased this
system in February 2015, it surely started with whatever the latest
stable NetBSD releases was at that time.  After what I think was about
one year, I moved to Gentoo GNU/Linux.  The system has been 100% stable
since then.

(Running GNU/Linux is not ideal for my needs, but it has its advantages.
I never got my head around Linux's networking, so I still use NetBSD in
a DomU for all firewall and routing tasks; this guest owns the physical
network interfaces.)

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