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Re: Utility of PV on non-obsolete hardware

	hello.  I'm curious about some of the issues you've run into using
NetBSD as a dom0?  We've been running NetBSD-5.2 as a dom0 for quite some
time and it's been very very stable!  I've been thinking of upgrading, so
I'm curious to know what pitfalls you discovered.

On Apr 9, 10:06am, =?utf-8?Q?Torbj=C3=B6rn?= Granlund wrote:
} Subject: Re: Utility of PV on non-obsolete hardware
} "Mathew, Cherry G." <cherry%zyx.in@localhost> writes:
}   I have come across this too but haven't been able to debug it. I'm
}   guessing you didn't see this on HVM installs and later on PV run time
}   ?
} NetBSD 8.0 under PV is slightly prone to freezing/crashing.  No CD
} involved.  I've seen it in my test setup for a wide range of Intel and
} AMD x86-64 CPUs.
} Of perhaps 50 builds on NetBSD PV systems each night, around 1 failed on
} average as the system became unresponsive.  Whenever a job failed,
} subsequent jobs for the same system failed too, but they would be run in
} a quick succession (possibly hitting the same *temporary* freeze).
} I ended up using a 8.0-STABLE a few weeks ago, but unfortunately before
} I had evaluated if it was stable, I moved 14 of 17 test system types to
} HVM (for performance reasons).  I've not seen any freezes yet there.
} They are new install of plain 8.0.
} I've never seen these types of issues with any past NetBSD release (but
} NetBSD Dom0 has caused me endless grief when I tried for several years
} to use it in production...)
} -- 
} Torbjörn
} Please encrypt, key id 0xC8601622
>-- End of excerpt from =?utf-8?Q?Torbj=C3=B6rn?= Granlund

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