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Re: Building Xen 4.2 on NetBSD (was Re: block-attach/detach device oddness)

On 30/11/12 21:16, Mike Bowie wrote:
> On 11/30/12 12:13 PM, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
>> Anyone up for creating a pkgsrc package for xen 4.2?  There's clearly a
>> lot to be done, and my pkgsrc-fu is not all that great.
> I could be up for that... might not be until next week, but if the build 
> steps all work out, I should be able to cobble something together into 
> pkgsrc/wip. (Which would motivate me to get a box onto 4.2 also... 
> double win.)

I would definetely help, this will probably require some Makefile
changes, which I think should be submitted upstream.

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