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Re: Building Xen 4.2 on NetBSD (was Re: block-attach/detach device oddness)

On 11/30/12 9:58 AM, Jeff Rizzo wrote:

I also had to add -I/usr/X11R7/include to SDL_CFLAGS in a couple places to get qemu to build.

Eventually, I got it to build, but it still feels kind of fragile - there's clearly more to do to fix things "right".

Now to see if it actually works.  :)

I wound up having to rebuild, because somehow some stuff got linked against the xen4.1 stuff in /usr/pkg - I removed the xen41 stuff and rebuilt, and was successfully able to launch a domU using xl.

Anyone up for creating a pkgsrc package for xen 4.2? There's clearly a lot to be done, and my pkgsrc-fu is not all that great.

Thanks for your help,

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