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Re: Call for testing: Xen 4.2.0-rc4

Andreas Gustafsson wrote:
> Roger Pau Monne wrote:
>> Yes, this is caused by the patch that I send before to enable
>> compilation in NetBSD 5.1, if you want to use xend it looks like it
>> depends on blktap, so you need to enable that, remove the following
>> lines from my patch:
>> -SUBDIRS-$(CONFIG_NetBSD) += $(SUBDIRS-libaio)
>> -SUBDIRS-$(CONFIG_NetBSD) += blktap2
>> This will enable blktap compilation again (although blktap is not
>> functional on NetBSD).
> Not quite - blktap2 then fails to compile because it uses strnlen() in
> several places, and NetBSD 5.1 doesn't have strnlen().
> And after working around that problem and successfully running "gmake
> install-tools", I find that blktapctrl still isn't installed; looks
> like it's in the "blktap" subdirectory, not in "blktap2".

My bad then, sorry for that. Can you try to enable blktap only, and
disable blktap2 again? Also I haven't tested xend, so I don't know if it
will work without any patches (I think it should, but I'm not sure). We
can also try to strip blktap dependencies from xend, since it's not used
in NetBSD, but I'm not sure how hard that is.

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