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Re: Call for testing: Xen 4.2.0-rc4

On September 10, Roger Pau Monne wrote:
> Xen has recently tagged the next rc of the 4.2 version, which should
> include full NetBSD support without the need of additional patches. It
> would be very helpful if you test this release and notify any bugs
> found, to either port-xen%netbsd.org@localhost or 
> xen-devel%lists.xen.org@localhost.
> Xend has been deprecated in 4.2, so I won't recommend using it anymore,
> but if you plan on using xend, you should start it also:
> #/usr/xen42/etc/rc.d/xend onestart

When I run this (after installing with a prefix of /xen42), xend fails
to start, but no error messages are printed:

  # /xen42/etc/rc.d/xend onestart
  Starting xenbackendd.
  Starting xend.

I see that the /xen42/etc/rc.d/xend script redirects the error
messages from "${SBINDIR}/xend start" to /dev/null...  Running
"/xen42/sbin/xend start" manually from the shell shows that it
fails because it tries to start "blktapctrl" but no such program
is installed.

> whatever you feel should work on xend, should also work on xl.

Does this mean the caveat discussed in
no longer applies?
Andreas Gustafsson, gson%gson.org@localhost

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