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Re: Disconnect domU console from Terminal (OSX) ? (SOLVED)

On 13/08/2009 8:11 PM, Dirk H. Schulz wrote:
Thanks a lot! That works fine.


Christoph Egger schrieb:
On Thursday 13 August 2009 11:48:50 Dirk H. Schulz wrote:
Joel Carnat schrieb:

For the archive : on the MacBook Pro AZERTY keyboard, the key sequence
to quit a Xen console is "Ctrl-$".

The funny thing is (according to a picture I found on the Internet)
that the AZERTY's '$' and QWERTY's ']' keys are both located two keys
on the right of the 'P' key. I don't know nothing about keyboard
building or mapping but I guess it's not that much a coincidence... :-)
According to that it would be "Ctrl-+" on the QWERTZ keyboard, but that
does not work in Leopards Terminal. Anyone with a German Macbook who has
already found out?



'Disconnecting from a DomU console' section in the howto maybe?

It's not NetBSD specific but it is a howto, not a white paper. There's not even a mention of the generic ^C + ] ... though we do mention 'xm create -c /usr/pkg/etc/xen/nbsd', leaving the user to figure it out. Maybe a 'Xen specific shortcuts' and include breaking to ddb. Some info is just a little too buried or hard to find. Wow, GRUB _is_ still mentioned, that just doesn't feel right.

If I ever get around to replacing GRUB or doing an install from scratch I'll attempt a howto patch. To anyone up to speed with the latest information for Xen/NetBSD, consider showing the howto a little TLC and prevent people from attempting a needless GRUB install (which segfaults under CURRENT last I checked) or from being stuck in a DomU console :)


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