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Re: Disconnect domU console from Terminal (OSX) ? (SOLVED)


For the archive : on the MacBook Pro AZERTY keyboard, the key sequence to quit a Xen console is "Ctrl-$".

The funny thing is (according to a picture I found on the Internet) that the AZERTY's '$' and QWERTY's ']' keys are both located two keys on the right of the 'P' key. I don't know nothing about keyboard building or mapping but I guess it's not that much a coincidence... :-)


Le 10 août 09 à 23:41, Joel Carnat a écrit :


It's the first time I manage Xen domU from a MacBook (using Terminal, then ssh to dom0)... How do I issue the "C-]" command on a Mac keyboard to disconnect the domU console ?


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