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Re: Using XEN without grub

    Date:        Wed, 29 Jul 2009 15:57:10 +0100 (BST)
    From:        Stephen Borrill <netbsd%precedence.co.uk@localhost>

  | Remember that you need a recent-ish (5.0 era) /boot. This will tend 
  | to come along with the boot.cfg man page, so if you've not got the man 
  | page, you probably haven't got the /boot.

Yes, thanks, I knew that - but this is to be a new installation on a new
system -- that one will have the right boot and man page, its just that nothing
I currently run has that (I tried man 5 boot.cfg on the most up to date system
I have, which has a /boot that knows boot.cfg - but predates the multiboot

Also thanks to those who pointed me at the online man pages - I knew about
that as well - but I have all the sources (I keep a copy of the cvs repo)
and I know how to run nroff (or even read the raw *roff input - I'm old
enough to be quite familiar with that...) so I can easily avoid adding load
to the NetBSD servers, and the internet, and just read a local copy.

What I needed to know was that it was the right place to look (or more
accurately, where I should look).   I still think it would be a good idea
to update the XEN howto with at least a reference to this method, and
remove the "must use grub" stuff.


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