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Using XEN without grub

In Sept last year, Robert Swindells sent patches to boot to
allow it to book XEN without requiring grub.

I have always avoided XEN, not because of any problem with it,
but because I simply detest grub...

Now I have a real use for XEN, and would like to install it - it
looks as if Robert Swindells' patches were committed last October,
so in theory I should be able to install xen (NetBSD only, right now
I don't care if other OS's will work or not) without needing grub.

However, the NetBSD-XEN "howto" still seems to require grub, and has
no info that I could see on getting things installed without it.

Does anyone have a clue to offer (or even perhaps update the howto) ?
(That is, on whatever should be done instead of the complex grub
config the howto now includes).



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