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Re: web sites concerning networking with xen+netbsd

On Wed, 15 Jul 2009, Sam Fourman Jr. wrote:
You may try XenSource' Xenserver. I'm not sure if you have NetBSD as
Dom0 then.

Formerly XenSource - now Citrix. They have their own heavily customised Linux Dom0.

OTOH, it's free and XenServer 5.5 is very rich with features.

Yes I was considering using NetBSD as a dom0 for 25 some HVM windows XP machines
in a production environment (Municipal workstation images)
and I was looking for some sort of management interface to manage them.

Until the GPL PV drivers work under NetBSD, Windows HVM machines are going to have severely crippled performance.

You might like to look at XenDesktop too which controls virtualised XP/Vista machines on top of VMware/XenServer and presents them through a web-based interface - that's not free though.


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