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Re: installboot is broken

On Sun 24 Mar 2013 at 22:28:30 +0100, Johnny Billquist wrote:
> I think I started running NetBSD on the 8650 in the 1.6 timeframe.

By the way, I am currently trying the simh vax8600 from the git
repository. I use the branch with the fixed VMB.EXE so that it boots the
install cd (remotes/origin/VAX-11-BootBlock-Fixup).

If I boot it off the NetBSD-6.1RC2.iso install cd, using the patched
VMB.EXE, it starts the boot loader, loads and decompresses the kernel
(which takes ages), and then prints only a C and then freezes. I suppose
it is the first character of the kernel output, trying to say "Copyright
blah Regents of blah".

The CPU is running in some big loop somewhere, one can see that if you
turn on cpu history, or steps through the code using the STEP command
from simh.

Could be a bug in either simh or NetBSD of course.

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