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Re: Building current

In article <515EAD0F.1090509%update.uu.se@localhost>,
Johnny Billquist  <bqt%update.uu.se@localhost> wrote:
>On 2013-04-05 10:29, Martin Husemann wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 04, 2013 at 11:50:51PM +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>>> Nope, looks like a vax gcc bug. Cross-compiled lint works just fine.
>> I'll have a look.
>In which form could this be a gcc bug? It's lint that gives the error. I 
>didn't think lint used gcc as some kind of backend, but I must admit I 
>haven't looked.

Gcc miscompiling lint. Putting the wrong constant in the top half of the
long long that does the value fitting comparison in tree.c. Try recompiling
lint tree without optimization.


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