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RE: ...dos that mean..

> > Why lists the VAX the first Disk as DKA0 and the second as DKA100?
> I'm not sure; I've never really grokked DEC device numbering.  I suspect the
> difference between DKA001 and DKA100 is that DKA001 is "controller 0 disk
> 1" and DKA100 is "controller 1 disk 0", but that's just a vague suspicion.

The numbering scheme is based on the concept that the first digit is the SCSI 
address.  The digits after that are the SCSI LUN at the designated SCSI 
address.  DKA0 means SCSI Address 0, LUN 0, DKA100 means SCSI Address 1, LUN 0.

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