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Re: ...dos that mean..

> Why lists the VAX the first Disk as DKA0 and the second as DKA100?

I'm not sure; I've never really grokked DEC device numbering.  I
suspect the difference between DKA001 and DKA100 is that DKA001 is
"controller 0 disk 1" and DKA100 is "controller 1 disk 0", but that's
just a vague suspicion.

> ...but than supports booting from a not listet DKA1 where booting of
> the listet DKA100 always putting the machine at a halt...

That's well into "I don't know" territory for me.

> Is it neccessary that this x11 related source stuff is inside the
> src.tgz distribution file?  Prefered much the previous way to do
> things, will proably never run x11 on that thing.

You might be better off with older NetBSD.  My 1.4T source trees have
no X stuff in them at all - though I don't know whether it's necessary
to go _that_ far back to get that property.

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