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Re: ...dos that mean..

On Mon, 28 Jan 2013, Mouse wrote:

Why lists the VAX the first Disk as DKA0 and the second as DKA100?

I'm not sure; I've never really grokked DEC device numbering.  I
suspect the difference between DKA001 and DKA100 is that DKA001 is
"controller 0 disk 1" and DKA100 is "controller 1 disk 0", but that's
just a vague suspicion.

...but than supports booting from a not listet DKA1 where booting of
the listet DKA100 always putting the machine at a halt...

Nope - the 'A' is the controller: DKA0 is target 0 on the first controller, DKB0 is the target on the second controller, etc.

The number is target*100+??*10+LUN (or maybe target*100+LUN*10+?? - I can't remember for sure).

So DKA0 would be target 0, LUN 0, DKA100 is target 1, LUN0, DKA600 is target 6, LUN 0. DKA1 would be target 0, LUN 1 (or maybe DKA10 - I can't remember for sure).

Why the Vaxstation is booting off DKA100 when you enter DK1 is puzzling. It would be interesting to see exactly what is getting passed from the ROM to the kernel.


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