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Re: device matching at mainbus

>> [...]
>> How can I implement 2 instances of a driver at mainbus otherways?
> So here is no one that knows anything again.

Well, one that _I_ don't, at least.  The closest I've come to this was
when I added a pseudo-bus at mainbus, which I did because I had a
pseudo-device I wanted in the autoconf tree, which (in the version I
did it in) pseudo-devices weren't.  So, I added a pseudo bus and made
my devices attach there; as far as the autoconf machinery is concerned,
there's nothing pseudo about them.  The driver doesn't actually talk to
any hardware, but autoconf doesn't know that.

I can give diffs if you want, but the kernel I did that to is now over
a decade old, so it's at least moderately likely it won't help much.

> Thx guys for letting me swim alone in the cold water.

Well, as I think we've remarked before, you're off in an area of the
water where not very many people are swimming.

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