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Re: device matching at mainbus

Holm Tiffe wrote:

> Hi all,
> since Ragge begged me to not use my vsbus, I attached the console device at
> the mainbus from the vax, as it also done with the sgec for example.
> I now have some questions about this:
> The mainbus has a somewhat simplyfied interface to the device drivers,
> specially there seems to be mo support for the config file att all.
> The SCN2681 is a Dual UART, that means I have 2 Channels and the
> calculating of baudrates etc from one channel is depending on the other
> and there is only one interrupt generated from both units, but each unit
> must have it's own softc. The driver is a little bit special at this.
> Is it right, that I have to insert 2 devices in the cpu_devs line
> (ka650_devs[]) to get the driver_attach() routine called 2 times?
> If this is the case, than removing that vsbus thing from my code
> seems not a really good idea to me since a proper inclusion of the both
> channels requires the config file support again..
> How can I implement 2 instances of a driver at mainbus otherways?
> ????
> Regards,
> Holm
> -- 

So here is no one that knows anything again.
Thx guys for letting me swim alone in the cold water.


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