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Re: About support for rtVAX300

Dave McGuire wrote:

> On 01/14/2013 09:12 AM, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> >>>>> time..
> >>>>
> >>>> Actually, it looks to me as if you've gotten impressively far in a short
> >>>> time!  :)
> >>>
> >>> I agree. Great work, Holm. It's happening fast enough that it's actually
> >>> exciting to watch.
> >>
> >>   I was just thinking the same thing. :-)  I may have to yank my
> >> rtVAX-300 off of this VME board (it's socketed) and put it on a piece of
> >> perfboard or something. :)
> > 
> > Why you would do that?
>   Because the VME board is otherwise full of unsupported hardware that I
> have no hope of ever finding documentation for.

Same as here, there a 50 pin connector and 4 Altera PLD's that for sure are
doing anything special, but what? Don't know for now. I'm shure that there
is additional hardware to access the ISA Bus, maybe trough a Mailbox
The rtVAX has Ethernet integrated and there is not mutch, that an OEM screw
up with it. Simply connect the serial line to an Terminal and look for the
Chevron... Then connect an AUI Ethernet Tranceiver and try booting ober the
Ethernet.. Possible boot devices are displayed in the console monitor.
You forgot, that the VAX Brick itself has "DEC Firmware" inside, so you
should get similar results than I got..

> > Look for that SCN2681 chip (below other ICs or below the rtVAX brick)
> > and trace the serial lines. (for sure there is such a beast).
>   The console port comes out to a connector on the board's endplate.

Good. :-)
> > ..then apply power to that board, connectors should be easy to get,
> > even the pinout for the power lines at the bus.
>   I have several VME enclosures and backplanes.  My rtVAX-300-carrying
> VME board even came in one, with a disk subsystem integrated into a
> quad-height VME card (floppy and SCSI hard drive) next to it.  Thing is,
> I don't see ever being able to figure out the CSR addresses or anything
> else about that hardware.  Maybe I'll get lucky..
>                -Dave
> -- 

Just try it Dave, that's what I made.
Still have to contact that AEON Systems Inc. for Docs..


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