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Re: About support for rtVAX300

>> As of 5.1 (the most recent source tree I have at hand), if init
>> finds /dev/console missing, it forks a process to run
>> ./sh ./MAKEDEV -MM init (in /dev/), or if ./MAKEDEV isn't executable
>> then /etc/MAKEDEV.  Exit code 11 means that even after running that,
>> /dev/console still doesn't exist.

Oops.  The leading "./sh" should be just "sh":

                        (void)execl(INIT_BSHELL, "sh",
                            access("./MAKEDEV", X_OK) == 0
                                ? "./MAKEDEV" : "/etc/MAKEDEV",
                            "-MM", "init", NULL);

(Not that this makes a big difference.  I just don't like to let a
mistake stand - though I was going to ignore it when I had no other
reason to post.)

> At least I could made some devices with mknod, don't know if this is
> the right way, since if my memory is correct they have to be created
> with the tools from the target OS.

Yes and no.  When they're on local disk, it's important that the
mapping between major/minor numbers and the on-disk data match what the
target OS uses.  But you're over NFS.  I can't recall whether NFS
carries major/minor numbers or a single dev_t value, but for devices
with small major and minor numbers (which includes everything critical
for single-user use) you probably can get away with using the server's
mknod (and/or running MAKEDEV there).

> Init doesn't complain about a missing /dev/console anymore.

Yesssss...but if the major/minor numbers are wrong, output may not be
going anywhere useful.  It sounds to me as though your system is
crashing before you're to the point where userland would normally write
anything, so it's hard to tell, yet, whether it's right.

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