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Re: About support for rtVAX300

> root on unicorn:/data/home/exports/rtvax
> root file system type: nfs
> [...]
> warning: no /dev/console
> panic: init died (signal 0, exit 11)

> ..no clue why init is dying, but I really don't have device entries.

As of 5.1 (the most recent source tree I have at hand), if init finds
/dev/console missing, it forks a process to run ./sh ./MAKEDEV -MM init
(in /dev/), or if ./MAKEDEV isn't executable then /etc/MAKEDEV.  Exit
code 11 means that even after running that, /dev/console still doesn't
exist.  You may want to check the source for the version you're using
to see if it's true there too.

> Have to look how I could create them..

If the NFS server (unicorn, in your case) is unixy enough, you may be
able to cd to /data/home/exports/rtvax/dev and run ./MAKEDEV there.
I'd suggest "./MAKEDEV std", which should at least provide console.

> But this isn't my question here.  [...]

That question I'm not competent to answer.

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