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Re: About support for rtVAX300

Martin Husemann wrote:

> >lock address : 0x000000008020e078 type     :               spin
> >initialized  : 0x00000000800e4f74
> Does ddb work for you yet?

Don't even tried it.

> Can you find out which lock lives at the address printed?
> The "initialized" address is the code that did the initialization (if that
> is easier to find out).

If you can say what I have todo step for step maybe I can try this.

> I am not sure anyone tested the 6.0 release with a LOCKDEBUG kernel, I can
> easily test -current or the tip of the netbsd-6 branch at least later today,
> just to make sure this isn't something completely unrelated to your
> hacking.

Don't forget to enable TRAPDEBUG.

> Good progress so far!
> Martin



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