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Re: Sun Fire V240 ALOM password

Eric Schnoebelen wrote:

> - Is there any other known method to reset the password except
> installing - Solaris (scadm) first? [...]
> The only way I've found is from Solaris.

That's what I feared. :|

>  However, you don't
> need to actually install Solaris, you can do it from the
> installation DVD, bailing out from the installation at the first
> possible opportunity.

Ok, but I still need a (SCSI?) DVD drive for it. This might be difficult as
none of my machines got one.

> I hope this helps.  Sorry for the lack of detailed instructions,
> it's been a few months since I did it, and I'm not near my
> notes.

As soon as I find out how to connect a DVD drive to my V240 the rest should
be easy. There is sufficient information on the net how to use scadm to
reset the password.

Frank Wille

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