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Sun Fire V240 ALOM password


I have come into posession of two Sun Fire V240 servers, which can run
NetBSD/sparc64 fine. But I don't have access to ALOM, because the passwords
have been lost (I also tried several default passwords, like "changeme"
and the last 8 digits of the chassis serial number).

Is there any other known method to reset the password except installing
Solaris (scadm) first? On the net I found a possibility to reset the
NVRAM by pressing ESC when ALOM starts up, to display this menu:

e - Erase ALOM NVRAM.
m - Run POST Menu.
R - Reset ALOM.
r - Return to bootmon.

But unfortunately my ALOM version is different and I'm getting the
following menu instead:

f - Wait for flash download from host.
C - Copy Boot Monitor from FLASHBOAT.
j - Jump to main code (at 0x01010000).
m - Run POST Menu.
     (Do not try this after a flash update of the boot monitor!)
d - play DOOM
s - Set clock speed
e - Set external and internal console serial ports baud rate
i - Set internal control serial port baud rate
t - Toggle 'OK' flag
R - Reset SC
b,h,w - Read byte/halfword/word
B,H,W - Write byte/halfword/word
r - Return to bootmon

Does that mean I'm lost? Or can I update the ALOM firmware somehow
(without Solaris)? Or is there are secret jumper on the mainboard?

Any help is appreciated.

Frank Wille

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