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Re: Sun Fire V240 ALOM password

Frank Wille writes:
- I have come into posession of two Sun Fire V240 servers, which can run
- NetBSD/sparc64 fine. But I don't have access to ALOM, because the passwords
- have been lost (I also tried several default passwords, like "changeme"
- and the last 8 digits of the chassis serial number).
- Is there any other known method to reset the password except installing
- Solaris (scadm) first? On the net I found a possibility to reset the
- NVRAM by pressing ESC when ALOM starts up, to display this menu:

The only way I've found is from Solaris.  However, you don't
need to actually install Solaris, you can do it from the
installation DVD, bailing out from the installation at the first
possible opportunity. (I recently did this on several V210's and

The installation media has a "live" file system on it, so you
can follow the paths given in other documetnation to find
scadm, and execute it to clear the ALOM passord.

It is still possible to download a Solaris install DVD from
Oracle, or I would imagine one of the (Open)Solaris derivitives
would have the same functionality.

I hope this helps.  Sorry for the lack of detailed instructions,
it's been a few months since I did it, and I'm not near my

Eric Schnoebelen                eric%cirr.com@localhost         
"Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.  One could write
 a history of science in reverse by assembling the solemn pronouncements of
 highest authority about what could not be done and what could never happen."
                                         -- Robert Heinlein

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