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Re: port/sparc64 known working on Netra X1?

On a U5/U10 this interrupt is generated when you press the front panel
"soft" power button. When we grew sysmon/powerd I modified the code
to schedule a button event for powerd, and fall back to the forced hard
shutdown if powerd is not running. Unfortunately scheduling such an event
needs process context.

Now on a U5 you can set powerd=YES in rc.conf and when you press the panel
power button it will cause "shutdown -p now" to be run.

I have not seen this interrupt do anything usefull on any other machine
(but that is a limited sample), so I don't mind Jochen's patch, or even
doing it the other way around and only installing the handler on
"SUNW,Ultra-5_10 (Sun Ultra 5/10 UPA/PCI)" platforms.


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