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Re: Files of death on sparc64

Martin Husemann wrote:
On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 08:26:18AM -0700, James Birdsall wrote:
The requested parts of the dmesg. sd0 is the OS disk, the others are exported via samba.

Hmmm - what ethernet interface are you using - hme?
Could you try copying those files to sd0 and see if that kills it too?
Actually, I have a wm (Intel gigabit ethernet) which I'm using as the main interface. I'm not always sure why, as the hme's performance never lags more than about 20% behind and in some cases it actually beats the wm. Anyway, while network driver issues could explain the crashes while transferring the files, they are not involved with the crashes during fsck!

Once I have those files which aren't backed up moved to somewhere safer (this problem manifested itself while I was getting the not-yet-backed-up files in one place in order to do a backup, of course), then I will see if the crashes occur using hme0 instead of wm0 and/or sd0 instead of wd*. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do that Tuesday night.


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