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Re: SMP support for sparc64

On Wed, 2008-03-12 at 22:59 +0900, Takeshi Nakayama wrote:
> Hi folks,
> As a result of my few weeks work, SMP kernel has become to work at
> least on my Ultra60 w/ 2 x 300MHz USII.
> Please test and review the attached patch.

  Excellent.  I'm building code now, and will let you know when I test
it how far I get.  I'll try first on a Ultra2 with dual-USI's.  I have
a pair of 300Mhz USIIs for it too.

  I had a question, though.  First, what is a Spitfire?  What does
this cover?  Also, I notice the code in sparc64_send_ipi() to work
around SpitFire erratum #54.  Should that code be protected either
by the pre-processor macro, or better a run-time test to see if
it's running on a SpitFire?


                           - Chris

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