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Re: Advantages of 64-bit vs 32-bit on old hardware

Can you add a 2nd CPU module to it?  Can you increase the RAM past
1 GB?  Thought not.  My dual Ultra 60 with 2 GB would blow your
Ultra 10 into the weeds (relatively speaking).

At least an Ultra 60 is expandable.

oh we playing the who-has-the-longest game. Until somebody came up with a E5500 and above. I claim the crown.
My currently octal E4500 with 10GB will blow your U60 into the weeds!
For sure you will fire up with size, noise or something. Then I could say, don't compare a U60 with a U5/U10. Because you should attach a power meter to those two machines and you will discover the main difference. The U5/10 has only one major pitfall and this is the buggy IDE controller, thats why the AXi is a must have!

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