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SMP support for sparc64

Hi folks,

As a result of my few weeks work, SMP kernel has become to work at
least on my Ultra60 w/ 2 x 300MHz USII.

Please test and review the attached patch.
Pre-compiled -current GENERIC.MP kernel is also available at:


Summary of changes:
- add IPI event counters per-CPU.
- make IPI takes two arguments.
- implement IPI functions which were missing or broken.
- disable "counter-timer" interrupts and use it as timecounter on
  SMP kernel, then use "tick" interrupts instead.
- improve FPU state save/clear like x86, idea from OpenBSD.
- complete per-CPU TSBs and MMU contexts changes.

Known issue:
- sometime lose tick interrupts.

-- Takeshi Nakayama

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