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re: Best config for production server WAS: Sun Blade 100 vs Ultra 60

   Also, is anyone using any port-sparc64 system as a production server? I
   have had people try to tell me that port-sparc64 isn't ready for
   production systems yet. I just thought that I would ask because maybe it
   would help calm my fears.

i've been running netbsd/sparc64 in production on a u10 for over
5 years so far, 3 of them i've lived 8000 or so miles away from
it.  i've another that has been in production about 3 years but
i had to replace the motherboard on that one once.

i don't used threaded apps here.  threaded sparc64 is not so
great in netbsd 4.0 and earlier (userland only threads seem to
mostly work ok.)

there are issues and SMP would be really nice to have working,
but from my POV, that supported hardware works well.


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