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Re: Best config for production server WAS: Sun Blade 100 vs Ultra 60


On Sat, 16 Feb 2008, Michael Lorenz wrote:

> Mose Suns have firmware support for SymBIOS 53C8xx SCSI controllers
> so you can probably even boot from your esiop. About the fxp - I've
> never used one in a Sun but if it works in a Mac there's a pretty
> good chance it will work well in a Sun as well, most alignment bugs
> would have bitten on the Mac already.

What network card would you recommend?

Also, is anyone using any port-sparc64 system as a production server? I
have had people try to tell me that port-sparc64 isn't ready for
production systems yet. I just thought that I would ask because maybe it
would help calm my fears.


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