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Re: Sun Blade 100 vs Ultra 60

Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2008-02-11 at 11:25 GMT, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

Upwards in spec from the X1 is v100, from T1 is v120, then if you want to
spend a bit more you can go for a v210 or similar.  All are 1U and perfect
for colo, plus run NetBSD fine (although -current has some important

Sorry, of course NetBSD does not at this time run on the v210 or any other
UltraSparc III-based system.

And neither the T1 / v120 has a good way to put IDE drives into it due to the built-in SCA bays. The v100 can hold 2 IDE drives, but you are stuck with the crappy on-board IDE controller (be prepared for pages and pages of 'wd1d: DMA error writing fsbn X of Y-Z (wd1 bn Q; cn R tn T sn U), retrying' and accompanying 'wd1: soft error (corrected)' in your system log)... I'm also not sure (as Jonathan mentioned) if the the on-board IDE on the X1 / v100 can deal with drives > 127 GB (whatever the standard LBA limit was); mine has dual 110GB drives.

I haven't yet scrounged all the parts together, but my solution for hosting lotsa disk on the T1/v120 is to plug in a PCI SATA card with external connectors and put all the SATA disks in an external enclosure and keeping OS, etc. on the SCA disks.


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