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Re: SCSI port type

On 12/14/2012 18:29, Michael wrote:
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On Dec 14, 2012, at 6:30 PM, AGC wrote:

I tried sending this question over to the suns-at-home list but it
appears the list isn't functioning anymore, the archives don't show
anything new and I don't get an autoreply when I send to the list.

Anyway, on to the question:

Does anyone recall what type (i.e. HV or LV and SE or Diff, it's most
likely SE) the on-board SCSI ports are for the IPX and SS20?  I've got
a few of the Multipack enclosures (I think the 711) that accept SCA
drives and has two 68-pin SCSI ports on the back. The drives I have
are all LVD.(originally intended for an A1000 but are too tall for it).

Both are 8bit SE ( I'm fairly sure that applies to all sun4c and sun4m
workstations' onboard SCSI controllers ).

have fun

Right but low voltage or high voltage? :)

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