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Re: Broken SX framebuffer support

>> It works for me on 1.4T.
> 1.4T ? Sorry for the question, but what is your 1.4T driver ? Mine is
> 1.47 2006/11/23.

It started as cgfourteen.c,v 1.15 1999/03/24, but I've done quite a bit
to it since then.  That's why I offered to make both my driver and the
base I started with available, in the hope that what I did could help
you make your 4.0 driver work.

> CG14 works fine in 1152x900x8.  Thus I think I have to replace all
> hard coded values by fb->fb_type.fb_width and b->fb_type.fb_height.

That's one of the things I did, yes.

> Miod Vallat said that I don't have to change fb_setsize_obp()
> arguments.  I don't understand why I have to keep hard coded values
> (1152 and 900) in fb_setsize_obp() arguments...

I don't know either.  But here's my guess: they are defaults in case
the OBP does not provide a size - and the OBP does provide a size in
all non-1152x900 cases.  Checking, I find that my driver passes 1152
and 900 to fb_setsize_obp, for what that may be worth.

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