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Fitel S175 Splicer And Fluke Inquiries

To whom it may concern ,
Please allow me to introduce myself to you, my name is Dimas Sanjaya ,
I am writing to enquire for looking a business partner ,And Here what
i'm  looking for :
  - Fitel S175 Fusion Splicer/Fitel S175 Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Kit
  - Fluke Networks DTX-1800-MS/DTX 1800
Please let me know if you could provide me one of the goods above,
I really need your help to get one from the product above. Perhaps you
can supply me one from all of them.
I really appriciate if you can help me and i never forget your
Is it possible to ship to Singapore with fedEX,UPS or DHL delivery
Express ? And Do you accept credit card to complete order 
payment ?Please specify the credit card type .And Please let me knows
the price list of those products .
I might be also interested in case you had another good product to
We should be pleased if you can send me your pricelist along with
illustrated catalogues. If your terms are satisfactory we 
may placed regular order.
Thanks, Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated and I Hope we can
do the business in the near future !! Look forward to your reply! 
Yours faithfully,
Dimas Sanjaya

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