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Re: Broken SX framebuffer support

> I have tried to use a SX framebuffer (8 MB) on NetBSD 4.0.  With
> default resolution, SX fb works fine, but not when output-device is
> set to screen:r1280x1024x66m (or 76m).  Console is unusable after
> framebuffer initialization.

The SX?  That's the cgfourteen, right?  The SS20's onboard framebuffer?

It works for me on 1.4T.  I can make my 1.4T driver, and for
convenience the 1.4T base I started with, available for your diffing
pleaseure if you want to try to fix this.  (It may already be, but it's
been a long time since I checked the FTP area for currentness - that's
in progress now.)

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