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Re: Broken SX framebuffer support

der Mouse wrote:
I have tried to use a SX framebuffer (8 MB) on NetBSD 4.0.  With
default resolution, SX fb works fine, but not when output-device is
set to screen:r1280x1024x66m (or 76m).  Console is unusable after
framebuffer initialization.

The SX?  That's the cgfourteen, right?  The SS20's onboard framebuffer?

        Yes, this one, the onboard CG14 framebuffer.

It works for me on 1.4T.

        1.4T ? Sorry for the question, but what is your 1.4T driver ?
Mine is 1.47 2006/11/23.

I can make my 1.4T driver, and for
convenience the 1.4T base I started with, available for your diffing
pleaseure if you want to try to fix this.  (It may already be, but it's
been a long time since I checked the FTP area for currentness - that's
in progress now.)

CG14 works fine in 1152x900x8. Thus I think I have to replace all hard coded values by fb->fb_type.fb_width and b->fb_type.fb_height. Miod Vallat said that I don't have to change fb_setsize_obp() arguments. I don't understand why I have to keep hard coded values (1152 and 900) in fb_setsize_obp() arguments...



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