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Re: Any O2 R10K patches I should try?

R5K O2:

I've tested the r5k O2 X11 now as well, and it is working for me... once
I switched the driver to "crime" as you mentioned recently.

I've done quite a bit of networking traffinc on this r5k with
cvs, ftp and scp, and have now built a kernel as well.

The r5k seems quite stable for me.

I should mention, as I believe someone else pointed out, that My
r5k O2 does not work well with my KVM.  This problem occurs at
power-up under ARCS, and likely is a hardware incompatibility.
Interestingly, the r10k does not exhibit a problem with my KVM.
I will try another r5k O2 and report back if the problem changes.

Will keep an eye out for more test requests on the r5k machines.

R10K O2:

This machine falls over quickly once networking traffic loads.
Off-the-shelf PCI ether cards didn't stabilise it.  As a matter
of fact, it'll fall over in time without networking.
I will have the R10K available should any development there occur.

While I've got tabletop space, any reason for me to check stability
on the various INDYs and Challenge I have?  I recall them being stable
over a year ago.


On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 10:57:12PM -0500, Michael Lorenz wrote:
> Hello,
> On Mar 3, 2008, at 21:17, sgimips NetBSD mailing list - Scott Taylor  
> wrote:
> >Seeing all the activity lately has prompted me to shove things off
> >the worktops and pull out and dust off the SGI equipment here.
> >
> >My first attempts have been with R10K O2s.  I can boot then with
> >the latest -current.  But networking will cause these machines to
> >reset after only 15-20 seconds.  cvs, ftp and scp have been tried.
> >I've checked the mailing list archives, but don't see this addressed
> >particularly in the last few months.
> I have an r5k O2, mec works just fine - I'd suspect the r10k needs  
> some additional cache flushes / invalidates. An off the shelf PCI  
> ethernet card might do the trick too.
> >Was anyone futzing with the R10K code that I can do any testing
> >for?  I suspect that the Octane support isn't possible yet, as I
> >see no mention of that either.
> >I've also noticed the R10Ks don't recognize memory over 256M.  Is this
> >still a limitation in the port for O2s?
> That's still a limitation on all O2 variants, although there might be  
> a way to access an additional 512MB without going LP64.
> If you have an r5k O2 please install -current, grab a very recent  
> kernel and try my X stuff - it still got problems but a few things  
> are usable and speed isn't bad either, even though I didn't really  
> pay attention to that yet.
> have fun
> Michael

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