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X vs. O2, another update

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I updated the driver binary again, this time I added support for alpha textures, as in hardware-accelerated anti-aliased text drawing. With this Windowmaker's menus and xfce's desktop icons now have readable labels. There's still room for optimization though, since I couldn't figure out how to make the engine use a constant colour and read only the alpha channel from RAM I have to convert it into a colour texture first which isn't that much work ( just OR the alpha byte into an RGB word, since the engine expects the alpha channel in the lowest byte we don't even need to shift things around ). So far I know how to make it draw black text without this conversion, if I can't find the real constant colour register I'll just special case this - use the quick way for black, convert to colour + RGB for the rest.
As usual the binary is here:
You also need this, although there are no new changes to it:

Things to watch for:
- - windowmaker menus should now have text, the titles are still messed up though
- - xfce4's desktoip icons still aren't drawn but at least the labels are
- - xfce4's Terminal - coloured or selected text should be drawn correctly even when page-flipping up and down rapidly. ( previous versions of the driver would get colours wrong occasionally ) - - xfce4's file manager - if you select anything from the side bar the text should just turn white on blue or grey without any additional box appearing in the label around the text.

known issues:
- - the Xserver still writes into the framebuffer at times, xfwm and windowmaker's window borders are especially prone to trigger this while things like mwm, fvwm2 etc. work fine - - gtk2-apps occasionally don't draw buttons, icons or labels right away but they usually appear when you move the mouse cursor on them ( except xfce's desktop icons - they only appear when you try to move them around ) - probably the same issue, the Xserver uses a different, wrong, way to draw directly into video memory instead of using image writes.

have fun

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