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Any O2 R10K patches I should try?

Seeing all the activity lately has prompted me to shove things off
the worktops and pull out and dust off the SGI equipment here.

My first attempts have been with R10K O2s.  I can boot then with
the latest -current.  But networking will cause these machines to
reset after only 15-20 seconds.  cvs, ftp and scp have been tried.
I've checked the mailing list archives, but don't see this addressed
particularly in the last few months.

Was anyone futzing with the R10K code that I can do any testing
for?  I suspect that the Octane support isn't possible yet, as I
see no mention of that either.

I'll move on to the R5Ks and various INDY and Challenge CPUs in
the meantime.  I'm looking forward to testing the R5Ks in particular.

I've also noticed the R10Ks don't recognize memory over 256M.  Is this
still a limitation in the port for O2s?


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