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On Sat, 1 Dec 2012 12:37:08 +0100
Felix Deichmann <m4j0rd0m0%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> I think it is not even necessary to find the tiny RTC... Because it is
> clear that the battery (C212) and also the "watch" xtal (X4) are
> missing! And so finally is the supposed RTC IC (U29) in the same area.

Right. Although I cannot see any details on your pictures, because
viewing them in higher resolution seems to require Flash... :P

It is C250, X3 and U31 on my NH230 board, and all of them are present

> The SBLAN2 really has no RTC. *sigh*
> I set time by ntpdate with each boot anyway...

Yes. Not a big problem. Especially when the NAS is running 24h.

You may want to compile a new kernel and remove the RTC device from
the config file. So you won't get those error messages each time.

> I only noticed because I got a different IP address lease when the
> Linux firmware was still running, and then checked the DHCP leases,
> and then checked the console output :)
> So we now also know that the original firmware uses the same MAC
> address as PPCBoot.

This means the NetBSD kernel is alone with reading the 8169S' MAC
from EEPROM. I have no idea what is correct...

I will try to ask some of the experts.

Frank Wille

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