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2012/11/30 Frank Wille <frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost>:
> Do you have some information about PPCBoot? Is it also PPCBoot 2.0.0-A9?

Yes, it is exactly PPCBoot 2.0.0-A9, too, like in the NH-230/231
Installation HOWTO, and also the same output from PPCBoot.

> Maybe you can find the RTC chip on the PCB. Those chips are often
> extremely tiny and you can only read their designation with a magnifier.

PCB pr0n:

I think it is not even necessary to find the tiny RTC... Because it is
clear that the battery (C212) and also the "watch" xtal (X4) are
missing! And so finally is the supposed RTC IC (U29) in the same area.
The SBLAN2 really has no RTC. *sigh*
I set time by ntpdate with each boot anyway...

> Altboot uses the same MAC as PPCBoot. Only NetBSD's re(4) driver
> differs. I tend to trust the latter...

I only noticed because I got a different IP address lease when the
Linux firmware was still running, and then checked the DHCP leases,
and then checked the console output :)
So we now also know that the original firmware uses the same MAC
address as PPCBoot.


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