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On Fri, 30 Nov 2012 15:33:25 +0100
Felix Deichmann <m4j0rd0m0%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> I just finished installation of NetBSD 6.0 on my Fujitsu-Siemens
> Storagebird LAN 2 (SBLAN2). dmesg appended.

Looks good, except the RTC.

Do you have some information about PPCBoot? Is it also PPCBoot 2.0.0-A9?

> I will take pictures of the PCB, maybe it really has no RTC, or
> something is broken for the SBLAN2.

The GENERIC kernel will expect a pcf8563rtc at I2C address 0x51, when
it detected a NH-230/231 compatible model. No other I2C address is

pcf8563rtc(4) was the RTC in my Allnet 6250. I am not 100% sure whether
this is true for all NH-230/231 devices.

Maybe you can find the RTC chip on the PCB. Those chips are often
extremely tiny and you can only read their designation with a magnifier.

> One thing I noticed: Why does NetBSD use a different MAC address (the
> last 3 bytes) than it is shown (and used) by ppcboot?

Oh, indeed. Same here! I never realized that before.

Altboot uses the same MAC as PPCBoot. Only NetBSD's re(4) driver
differs. I tend to trust the latter...

Altboot reads the MAC from the chip's ID-registers, while re(4) reads
the MAC from the EEPROM. Who knows why they have been written with
different addresses. re(4) will only uses the ID-registers for 
8168C, 8168D, 8168E and 8103E. NH230/231 use a Realtek 8169S. Probably
it is wrong to use the ID-registers here, so I should fix altboot.
But I'm not sure.

Frank Wille

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