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Re: Announcing KuroBox support

Joel Carnat wrote:

> 1. does this mean NetBSD can (know) run standalone on the Kurobox ?

Not yet. Currently the kernel still needs to be loaded from the network. But
the next step will be to implement IDE/SATA support into the netboot tool,
which already supports boot options.

You can copy netboot into the flash then. I already did that with my
Synology box.

> 2. does the box automatically boots on the network when no disk is
> installed ?

Or when the disk doesn't contain a bootable kernel/filesystem. Yes, that's
the plan. I would propose that netboot tries to boot in the following order:

1. local disk: netbsd.sandpoint
2. local disk: netbsd
3. network: netbsd.sandpoint
4. network: netbsd

Frank Wille

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