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NetBSD/sandpoint charter change announcement


I would like to tell the change of NetBSD/sandpoint charter.

The primary HW platform is now consumer NAS which sports
Freescale MPC8245 and 8241.  At this moment selected models
of KuroBox/LinkStation and Synology product family is known
working.  The supported HW list will grow as more are tested.
Please check and see README.NAS file in arch/sandpoint/
directory about HW summary.

We are preparing sandpoint sysinst.  sysinst is now working
more-or-less, and some more fixup is necessary before complete
finish.  Diskboot facility is under development.  Please stay tuned
for more news.

NetBSD/sandpoint is a small and sane port and we hope
this implementation is modelled by people as embeded
NetBSD product and application.  NAS manager SW kit
is planned.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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